Foundational Objectives

Foundational Objective: To help meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the people of the Cumberland Mountain region.

We see all four needs as equally important. Through home repairs and day camps, Mountain T.O.P. seeks to meet all of these needs. We serve in partnership with other agencies, churches, governments, businesses, and community leaders to help develop the communities in which we work.

Mountain T.O.P.’s 5 Focus Areas:

  • Eliminating Substandard Housing: to provide direct services and organizational support that addresses severe housing issues in our service area.
  • Leadership: to foster growth among staff, participants, donors and the community.
  • Community Development: to engage in solutions with community partners for holistic and sustainable community growth.
  • Education: to provide and support opportunities for lifelong learning and personal growth for all ages.
  • Health: to promote lifestyles that support healthy choices.

One thought on “Foundational Objectives

  1. The Community Harvest Church of God has been Blessed to have made the acquaintance of Mountain Top. As you have joined with us in some Wednesday night services, and as you invited us to bring a little music to one of your ministry settings. Thank you for the work the you do and God Bless you and all concerned as we labor in the Kingdom field.

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