An Outcomes-Based Ministry

Mountain T.O.P. has always considered feedback to be a gift, and we are making great strides in collecting more of it. We desire to be an outcomes-based ministry. All programs that Mountain T.O.P. offers center around a Logic Model, which identifies a mission for the specific program and our short-term and long-term outcomes. Logic Models give us a direction for the questions on our surveys and evaluations, which are the main ways we collect data. We administer evaluations to all volunteers to gather feedback on their experience and how it impacted them. We give surveys to homeowners and the participants of our day camp programs to measure growth and impact.

We cannot deny that stories connect us: they draw us together and help us relate to one another. However, there is more to share. This hard data adds another dimension to the stories that we love to tell. These numbers and statistics complete the picture of ministry that takes place here on the Mountain. As you read through this Outcomes Report fill in the space between the numbers with your stories. Partner your Mountain experience with what the numbers say.

We are excited about what you’re about to read. We are excited because the Lord is good and has shown us, for the 42nd time, that he is always able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine.

2016 Year-End Outcomes Report

2017 Summer Outcomes Report