Major Home Repair

From the beginning, Mountain T.O.P. set out to meet the physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs of the people in Grundy County, Tennessee: building porches, clearing brush, painting houses and actively interacting with the people of this area. Throughout the years, there were more and more requests for home repairs that were beyond the scope of a traditional Youth Summer Ministry project. With so many needs being expressed, it was obvious Mountain T.O.P. had to do something to help these people. So was born the AIM Major Home Repair program. This program allows MTOP to take on and complete vital structural repairs and renovations of local homes that would not be possible otherwise. These projects are ones that affect the structural integrity, energy efficiency, dryness, and handicap accessibility of a home. They require a significant level of ingenuity and problem solving skills that can only be possessed by a team with a certain level of “life experience”.

This does not mean that you need a shelf devoted to Bob Vila books in your house to be a contributing member of an AIM Ministry Production Team. In fact, you don’t have to have any construction knowledge at all. Each MPT has a Point Person. This person is not necessarily in charge of the project. They are placed in this position because of many attributes they possess including construction and previous AIM experience along with proven leadership skills. Their main responsibility is to be the liaison between the Mountain T.O.P. staff, the family you are working with, and the rest of the MPT to keep the project moving forward through unexpected challenges.

Starting with the Point Person, each MPT is grown, one person at a time, out of the AIM community at-large to give it the best balance of life skills to set that team up for success. This Spirit-driven system allows the members of the MPT to work together to learn new skills and grow personally while partnering with an individual or family to improve that homeowner’s current living conditions. If working as a driven team of Christians to significantly and visually change someone’s life in a positive way sounds appealing, try the Major Home Repair Program and see if you aren’t changed too.