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Click here for the Summer Family 2017 Registration form.

  • The cost is on a sliding scale. The first adult cost is $395. The second adult cost is $350. The first child cost is $75. The second child cost is $70. The third child cost is $65. The fourth child cost is $60. Fees cover all meals, lodging, material  and staffing fees.
  • We need to know which family members are doing which program: Major Home Repair or Day Camp: Kaleidoscope or Summer Plus
  • A parent must participate with the child(ren) participating in the day camp program.
  • Kaleidoscope is for children ages 6 -11.
  • Summer Plus is for youth ages 12 – 17.
  • You can still apply after March 10th, 2017, but for planning purposes we need to know ASAP.
  • Please note: If you cancel after May 12th, 2017, you are financially obligated to pay 80% of the balance due.
  • Once we receive your registration form and deposit, we will confirm your week by email. Please let us know if email is not the preferable way to contact you.
  • First Aid Kits are required in vehicles carrying volunteers. Tennessee law requires seat belts for all passengers.
  • Skill is never a prerequisite for participation in the AIM Major Home Repair program.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us  at (931) 692-3999 or email us at