Mountain T.O.P. operates year-round fulfilling the needs of the community through various service based groups. Our staff is comprised of three different groups: full time staff, summer staff, and kitchen staff. For more information about current availabilities and more check out their specific pages or contact Chad at: Chad@mountain-top.org or via phone at 931.692.3999.

Summer Staff

For 43 years, we have been providing an immersive experience for young adults to work with an impoverished community. With this experience they are able to: strengthen their leadership skills, grow their faith, serve the community and build their professional tool box. Learn more about becoming a 2019 Summer Staff member here!

Kitchen Staff

Mountain T.O.P. offers seasonal Kitchen Staff employment opportunities. Currently, we are looking to fill the position of Kitchen Assistant. Click here for a more detailed job description. To apply connect with Chad via email, Chad@mountain-top.org or by phone, 931-692-3999.

Full Time Staff

Mountain T.O.P operates year-round thanks to our nine dedicated staff members. Learn more about our full time staff here. We are currently looking for a Development Manager. If you are interested please connect with Julie at Julie@mountain-top.org or by phone, 931.692.3999.