AIM Job Descriptions

Adults in Ministry  staff members are responsible for the overall planning and execution of the AIM program. During the summer, this includes three weeks of Major Home Repair and a Day Camp program (Kaleidoscope, Summer Plus, and Quest), a weekend of Major Home Repair, and a Family Weekend. They ensure that campers understand the philosophy of Christian helping as they strive to meet all four needs – physical, spiritual, emotional, and social – of the people they serve whether through Major Home Repair or Day Camp.

Each staff member, regardless of position, is expected to provide any necessary support to ensure the success of the Mountain T.O.P. ministry. Note that the information below does not provide an exhaustive list of associated tasks but a broad view of the position as a whole.

All AIM staff members inherently participate in the planning and execution of programming activities, in addition to those responsibilities of their respective field operations or job tasks. Programming responsibilities include ensuring community building, planning & facilitating nightly activities, preparing & delivering daily daybreaks (or devotionals) to their respective teams, and planning & leading worships. Planning and leading worships utilizes an established scriptural theme to develop original, meaningful worship experiences.

Director – $ 2,800 – They manage the staff as a whole. The Director oversees and is ultimately responsible for all camp operations and staff effectiveness to ensure the quality of both camper and staff experience. This role acts as the point of contact for all camper groups and is accountable for establishing standards and successful execution of each camp week. Direct job responsibilities include the leadership development of the staff both professionally and spiritually, the coordination and cooperation with Support Staff and fellow camp directors regarding staff life and camp operations, and the management of financial and administrative tasks of their respective camp weeks. The Director is responsible for the development of all staff members in the areas of spiritual growth, group leadership, personal development, and job performance.

Program Manager – $ 2,400 – The Program Manager oversees and manages all in-camp programming operations for their respective weeks. Direct job responsibilities include the organization and management of the staff office, the coordination of camper group preparation and registration, the facilitation and direction of all programming planning (activities, games, Daybreaks, worships), and the assurance of quality execution of the aforementioned programming events.

Field Manager – $2,400 – The Field Manager oversees and leads total field operations for the Major Home Repair program and the summer Family Weekend. Direct job responsibilities include acquiring projects through visiting families, estimating tools, materials, & durations of projects, managing work teams at work sites, and the assurance of project quality. The Field Manager coordinates with and prepares adult campers in overall home repair operations and collaborates with their Support Staff contact to create effective project plans. Additionally, the Field Manager serves a collaborative role in the development of the staff in the areas of spiritual growth, group leadership, and personal development.

Day Camp Manager(s) – $2,400 – Day Camp Managers oversee and coordinate total day camp operations for the three AIM Day Camp programs – Kaleidoscope, Summer Plus, and Quest. Direct job responsibilities include developing the complete programming for day camp weeks with accordance to established Day Camp curriculum, ensuring the effective integration of daily Day Camp and Mountain TOP themes, visiting and registering children for participation in day camp programs, and confirming accuracy and completion of daily van routes. Day Camp Managers coordinate with and facilitate adult campers, volunteers, and applicable sites in overall Day Camp programming. Additionally, the Day Camp Managers serve a collaborative role in the development of the staff in the areas of spiritual growth, group leadership, and personal development.

Worship Leader (additional $300) – The responsibilities associated with this position are supplemental to the positions listed above. Worship leaders are accountable for the overall quality of the music during their respective community worships. They are required to have proven musical ability as an instrumentalist and a background leading music in some capacity (preferably a worship band). Direct job responsibilities include collaborating with the staff Program Manager to ensure synergy regarding the tone and flow of worship, selecting appropriate songs and practicing daily with all assisting musicians, and effectively leading camp communities in worship yielding a positive and meaningful experience. Applicants for this position must complete an additional section on the application.