The Advantage


“Not only does God use broken people to do beautiful things, but through His grace, He makes those broken people beautiful as well.”  Summer Staffer, 2016

Those hired for our Summer Staff positions can expect to see significant growth in spiritual and professional development. The lists below provide some specific examples of these development areas.

Spiritual Development 

This summer I have been reading and learning about the Bible a lot. I think this has helped with my spiritual development because my mind is actively asking questions and thinking about the Bible.” –Summer staff, 2017

We want to meet you where you are, but we don’t want you to stay that way. We won’t guarantee that your spiritual growth with be smooth, or even entirely and immediately evident. If you are committed to taking the initiative in cultivating your relationship with Christ, we can say that you’ll leave the summer having been transformed. Staffers note that by the end of the summer they have grown in both their spiritual leadership skills and in their practice of spiritual disciplines.

Spiritual Disciplines are important for how my relationship with God is formed. Getting to know God doesn’t just happen. It’s something that takes effort like any other relationship. Except it’s more than that. Our relationship with God is so much more important. He is our Savior, Redeemer and Friend. He is our Father. All good things come from Him. He is our advocate and convicts our hearts to stand with integrity and Justice in a world that falls short. I don’t understand why it’s taken me so long to understand the effort I need to put forth to know him. God has perfect timing.” —Summer staff, 2017

Professional Development

The most valuable thing I learned this summer in regards to my professional development is how to effectively manage people. It was necessary this summer to learn the different ways people work and how I work with them in order to ensure a successful summer. I had to adapt the ways in which I give feedback, lead meetings, and delegate tasks in order to make everyone feel comfortable and be bought into the field team. I learned how to effectively manage people all while growing deeper in my faith and professional skills.”  -Summer staffer, 2016

  • Leadership skills: Staffers are hired to be leaders, and will certainly grow as leaders. They will lead camp communities of youth and adults ranging in size from 70 – 170. Staff members are frequently practicing their public speaking skills, crowd control, delegation techniques, and perception management.
  • Conflict resolution: It’s no surprise that while living and working with the same group of people, some conflict will arise. Staff will grow in their small and large group communication strategies, reading situations and responding appropriately, and thinking critically.
  • Interpersonal skills: We desire for our staff to leave their summer experience with cross-cultural perspectives, broadened horizons, and renewed passions. Staff will learn how to relate to and work with people from different backgrounds in order to effectively execute ministry programs. Relationship building is a priority in our work.
  • Self-awareness: There’s no better place to learn about yourself than while serving with a ministry. Staff will spend time identifying their strengths and spiritual gifts and how best to utilize those in a team setting. Equal time is spent working with emotional maturity, work/rest balance, personality assessments, and self-evaluation.


More than anything, I will take away the sheer joy that I receive from loving on these precious children of God that come to the Day Camp program. As always, they have changed me for the better and given me so much love to take with me always.” Summer Staffer, 2016