Staff members are compensated according to their position as follows:

Director – $2,800

Manager (Program, Field, Day Camp) – $2,400

Ministry Coordinator (Service Project, Day Camp) – $2,200

 Those hired for the same job for a second summer will be compensated an additional $200. Half of this amount is also added to the partnership requirement.

These salary amounts are contingent on each staffer raising the required financial partnerships. Partnership is a foundational objective for the Mountain T.O.P. ministry. Our partnership philosophy follows that we must always be in partnership, doing things with people rather than for people. In regards to Summer Staff, a partnership will be what you make of it. At its worst, it is a requirement for employment. At its best, it is a way for you, your partners, and Mountain T.O.P. to be in ministry together – each depending on the other to experience this ministry to the fullest.

Through partnerships you are required to raise an amount equal to half your salary plus your cost of living (room and board, meals, etc.).

Ministry Coordinator Example:

$1,100.00      Amount equal to ½ of salary

+$1,000.00      Amount towards the cost of living (same for all positions)

$2,100.00      Amount of partnership you would raise

Payment Schedule

Staff will be paid a stipend of $50 after each camp week; this is deducted from your salary and therefore the final paycheck amount. Final paychecks are distributed on the last day of Closing.

Staff are also reimbursed after each camp week for mileage driven in a personal vehicle; this amount is separate from the salary and therefore not deducted from the final paycheck.