Summer Staff 2019

“Being on summer staff this year was one of the best experiences that I think I have ever had…”

Steven Stinson, 2018 Summer Staff Member

As a summer staffer, you will serve as part of a team executing mission programs for either Youth Summer Ministry or Senior High Camp. You will lead communities of volunteers from all over the country in their mission work (either Day Camp or Service Project) and spiritual practices such as worships and devotionals.

Summer staff is for the passionate and compassionate. The intentional investors and the Kingdom advancers. The beautifully broken and the community builders. The legacy leavers and Mountain lovers. Summer staff is all about living out the Gospel by serving others. Does this sound like something for you? We’re looking for individuals who are:

  • Faithful followers of Jesus, willing to bring their ministry and leadership experience to the Mountain.
  • Eager to manifest the Gospel in word and action across the seven counties of our service area.
  • Committed to growing spiritually and professionally.
  • Confident and comfortable in being spiritual leaders.


We are committed to your long term development here at Mountain TOP. Though you will only be with us 10 weeks in the summer in a staff capacity, we want to give opportunities for you learn skills and tools you can use for your whole life. We focus on spiritual and professional development in our Summer Staff. Here are some ways we challenge our staff to grow spiritually and professionally.

Spiritual Development Professional Development
Spiritual Disciplines: We encourage and teach the practice of Spiritual Disciplines. Spiritual disciplines being a means of grace, we encourage our staff to take time during their work to rest in God’s Presence. Leadership Skills: From Public speaking to delegating  summer Staffers are given opportunities to advance their leadership skills through-out the summer. 
Proclaiming the Word: The opportunity to create and lead group devotions and Daybreaks.

Conflict Resolution:  Staff will grow in their small and large group communication strategies.
Worship: Staff have the opportunity to lead participants in worship through prayer, song, word, and action.  Interpersonal skills: We desire for our staff to learn how to relate to and work with people from different backgrounds in order to effectively execute ministry programs. 
Service: Staff will guide groups with hearts of servanthood in service projects and day camp programs. Self-Awareness: Staff will spend time identifying their strengths and spiritual gifts and how best to utilize those in a team setting.

Job Descriptions

As a summer staffer, you will serve as a member of either a 5 (SHC), 7-10 (YSM) or 7-10 (YSM) person staff executing week-long mission programs. You will lead camp communities of volunteers from all over the country in community development, mission work and spiritual practices.

Partnership is a foundational objective for the Mountain T.O.P. ministry.  In terms of summer staff, through partnerships you are required to raise an amount equal to half your salary plus your cost of living (room and board, meals, etc.). 

Descriptions: Click the titles below for additional information!

Time Commitment

Each summer Mountain T.O.P.  opens two camp locations, Camp Baker Mountain  and Camp Cumberland Pines, with two staffs per camp, Evens and Odds. Camp staffs work in week-long shifts, rotating from a work week to a break/preparation week. See the chart below for a visual representation.

All staff members are required to serve for a total of 10 weeks – from the start of training to the end of Closing.

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in joining the 2019 Summer Staff! Please review the following sections. If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with Chad via email, or by phone, 931-692-3999.

Requirements:  The Mountain T.O.P. application process is simple.  You are required to provide a resume, fill out an online application, answer Personal Assessment Questions and provide three references. Please note that once you begin the online application process you can not pause and save.

References: You are required to contact three people to submit a reference on your behalf. Two of the three references must include a previous employer and either a pastor, youth leader, or campus minister. The third reference may be a personal one. If you were on summer staff in the past  five years, you do not need to provide new references.

Application Process Checklist:

Step 1: Review these Personal Assessment Questions (You will submit these answers within the online application process. This link is to provide you with additional time to process the questions.)

Step 2: Complete Summer Staff Application

Step 3: Email your resumé to

Step 4: Send this link to the to 3 references.

Important Dates

October 3, 2018 All 2019 Application Now Available
December 31, 2018 All 2019 Applications Due 
October-December 2018  Directors  Interviews will be conducted
October-December 2018  Directors  Offers will be extended
January 2019 Managers Interviews will be conducted
January 2019 Managers Offers will be extended
February- March 2019 Coordinators Interviews will be conducted
February- March 2019 Coordinators Offers will be extended