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Registration Form

  • Email will be the primary means of communication unless otherwise noted.

Facility Expectations
Mountain T.O.P. seeks to maintain a safe and clean camping facility. Groups are expected to be a partner in ministry by treating all living, dining, and work areas with respect. In the event of damage to Mountain T.O.P. property, groups will be asked to fix or replace harmed material. Likewise, Mountain T.O.P. expects groups to clean their living and dining areas before leaving camp. Supplies for cleaning will be provided for groups. If groups would like to pay for the  Mountain T.O.P. staff to clean, an additional fee of $50/building can be added to the group’s payment. If a group elects to pay for cleaning, we still ask the group to abide by a “Leave No Trace” mentality and prepare the facilities to be deep cleaned after departure.


According to an IRS ruling, all out-of–pocket expenses, including room and board, travel and fees  incurred while participating in a missions activity are considered charitable gifts and therefore can be  included as a tax deduction on form Schedule A (IRC 170)


To ensure adequate transportation for the service teams during the retreat, each vehicle should have the capacity to transport a 6-member service team and their tools each day. Participants will not be allowed to ride in open truck beds or in vehicles without seatbelts. Groups are responsible for all vehicle expenses including gas.

Payment Schedule

  • Deposit Due with registration form*
  • Balance Due 6 weeks prior to attendance
  • Please make Payment by check or money order made out to Mountain T.O.P.
  • Payment may be sent to P.O. Box 128, Altamont, TN 37301
  • If deposit is not received 2 weeks after your registration form, the reservation will be canceled.
Participation Agreement
The Mountain T.O.P. organization recognizes the contact person as the responsible party during the event. In submitting this registration form, I understand that my deposit is non-refundable.
Additionally, any payments made up until 6 weeks prior to my group’s attendance are non- refundable. If numbers for my retreat decrease, I will not receive my payment back.