Made For This

Ephesians tells that because of God’s rich mercy, love, and grace he made us alive together with Christ. Take in that last part: made alive, together with Christ.

Made alive: what makes you feel the most alive?

That’s a rather weighty question. It’s one, at least for me, that requires a good deal of consideration. It may be my naturally deliberative nature that causes me to heed. But I also think it’s a question we don’t ask ourselves very often, if ever. What makes me feel most alive?

I venture to say that for Christians, our answer will settle somewhere around our relationship with Christ and serving him. I think that we feel most alive when we engage in loving service in a way that makes use of our gifts and passions. For example, right now, as I write this, I am getting more and more excited to share this post with you because I am confident that the Lord gave me an enthusiasm for words. My fingers are typing faster than normal—though that may be attributed to the quantity of tea that I’m drinking—and I am feeling more increasingly invested in this piece. I’m serving the Lord in the way he created me to serve. I feel… alive.

What is it that makes you feel alive?

What is it that completes your statement: “I was made for ______.”

For you it could be singing, or teaching. It could be roofing, or painting. Or shepherding, or cooking, or giving, inviting, consoling, hammering. Or any other of a thousand options. Maybe it has been difficult for you to identify what that thing you have to contribute. One aspect that I really admire about this ministry is that we’re a place for people to do just that. We’re a place for anyone involved to discover their unique place in God’s kingdom. We’re a place for people to take faithful steps and to make holy uncoverings. We’re a place for people to discover that thing that makes them feel alive and frees them to serve in the way they were created to serve. Have you had one of those moments on the Mountain?

This whole concept of a purpose-driven calling and a life-giving service is applicable to Mountain T.O.P. as a whole, too. We—the Mountain T.O.P. community—are indeed a united community of people serving together with Christ the way we were created to. The outcomes report you’re about to read tells this exact story. We started with a great founder, a visionary that knew what Mountain T.O.P. was made to do. And now, we stand on the shoulders of those who came before, carrying out that same mission. We’re still doing what we were created to do.

We’re still meeting the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the Cumberland Mountain people.

We’re still repairing homes, building resilience, and fostering community.

We’re still commissioning our volunteers to go and do likewise in the Valley.

This is what Mountain T.O.P. was made to do.

Naturally, we are continuously growing into our calling. We never stop learning how to serve more effectively. Even with over forty years of experience, we are still transforming from one degree of glory to another. We are leaning into the discernment of the Holy Spirit as we continue to take faithful steps and make holy uncoverings.

I ask you as you read this outcomes report to think about what you were made to do. What makes you alive? How can you contribute how you have been created to serve to Mountain T.O.P.’s mission?

By God’s rich mercy, love, and grace, we are doing this together with Christ, through Christ. And it makes us alive.

Rachael Osborn, Mountain T.O.P. Communication and Assessment Coordinator Americorp VISTA

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