Meet the Family: Homeowner Edition Pt. II

“Mountain T.O.P. exists for two reasons: to help people grow in their relationship with Christ by bringing people together and to help people realize that everyone has something to offer.”  –Mountain T.O.P. Staff Member

img_8913Here at Mountain T.O.P., we believe that everyone has an asset to give – everyone can participate in partnership. Through our partnership philosophy and asset-based community building, we help individuals uncover what they have to offer. In this edition of Meet the Family: Homeowner Edition, we are proud to partner with Henry and Sue Nunley. They fully embrace Mountain T.O.P. and what it means to work together. Keep reading for an insider’s take on partnership in this edition of Meet the Family: Homeowner Edition.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Henry and this is my wife Sue. We live in Coalmont, TN. I was born ad rasied just down the street. Sue is originally from Tracy City but she has lived in Coalmont for 25 years now. I like to say, “You can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl.” We love this community and the people that live around here.

How did you hear about and start working with Mountain T.O.P.?

We heard about Mountain T.O.P. through our son [Howard]. There have been lots of MTOP groups working at his house for a couple of years now. We have enjoyed them coming over and eating lunch with us in our gazebo.

What impact has Mountain T.O.P. had on you life?

Mountain T.O.P has brought so much change to our lives. They have allowed us to meet so many people from all over the state and country. We appreciate their hard work.

What are your favorite things about this community?

We love our community because of the people. We grew up here and everyone is family. It’s just home to me.

What are you most looking forward to once the project is completed?

We are looking forward to getting back to normal. We also will be enjoying our new floors.

Fun Fact about Henry:

“I put a Hersey’s chocolate bar in my chili. On time I messed up and put a Hersey’s bar with almonds in there. It still tasted good.”


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