What We Do

In order to meet the four needs of the community we offer year-round programming with two different mission opportunities, Home Repair and Day Camp.

Home Repair

Provides a physical representation of hope to Cumberland Mountain families. Participants complete home repair projects to improve the safety and sustainability of the homes. These may include porches, wheelchair ramps, painting, roofing, siding, or yard work – each project resulting from an expressed need.

Day Camp

During the summer, Mountain TOP runs four different day camps that serve children from the ages of 6 to 17. Participants will have the opportunity to help children learn about the environment, community service, health and local entrepreneurship. Each day the children and volunteers have a devotional time where they talk about the theme for the day and work in their prayer journals.  

Year Round Retreats

In addition, through-out the year groups are able to come to the mountain and create their own experience. The level of programming, worship, and food service is formatted around the retreat.

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