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The camp week begins on Sunday afternoon with orientation, worship, games and fun activities. Monday through Thursday groups will be out in the community from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. doing either the Day Camp program (DC) or Service Project (SP). On Friday work groups will take time to celebrate their week through spending time at local businesses in the community.

1005868_4951713995121_914794176_nService Project provides a physical representation of hope to Cumberland Mountain families. Participants complete minor home repair projects to improve the safety and sustainability of the homes. These may include porches, wheelchair ramps, painting and yard work – each project resulting from an expressed need. While on the worksite, youth are encouraged to work as a member of a team and problem-solve to accomplish the task-at-hand.At MTOP we want to provide a space where youth can explore their faith in quiet reflection, group discussions, and community worships. This is so youth and adults are able to connect the “what” they are doing with the “why” they are doing it. We do not want this experience to be a something to just check off the to-do list, but to put the calling we each have from God into action. To encourage youth to use their gifts and talents to spread God’s love.

IMG_1077Day Camp is a place to spread hope. It is an environment where children come to be loved and challenged in a safe, positive community. Youth and adults spend a week with Grundy County children, 6-11 years old, participating in activities that take them on a journey throughout the county. Participants will have the opportunity to help children learn about the environment, community service, health and local entrepreneurship. Each day the children and volunteers have a devotional time where they talk about the theme for the day and work in their prayer journals.  In this time volunteers have an opportunity to hear about the children’s faith as well as share their own.

Through morning personal reflection time, devotionals on the work site, community sharing about the day, community building games and activities, and evening worships, we hope that participants are able to see the evidence of Christ’s love in the everyday activities they will do over the course of the week. In seeing that, our hope is that they carry that passion for service to their homes, schools, workplace, churches, and hometowns.

photo 3YSM communities consist of 100-160 youth ages 13-18, adults, and college students that are divided into what we call Major Groups. A
staff member is then responsible for coordinating projects for and leading a Major Group of 25-35 participants. Within Major Groups, volunteers are divided for the final time into what we call Youth Renewal Groups (YRGs). YRGs are created based on a mix of gender, age, church, skill, and experience. We do our best to create balanced teams in order for volunteers to step out of their comfort zone, meet new people, and work together in the most efficient ways possible.

**Groups wanting to do Day Camp Ministry MUST have a 2:1 split for Service Project and Day Camp. For example, A group of 9 participants must have 6 Service Project participants and 3 Day Camp participants.**

Safe Sanctuary:

YSM Camp Weeks 2 and 5 will be Safe Sanctuary weeks.

Every church that wants to participate in these weeks must bring one adult that is at least 25 years old and a second adult that is at least 22 years old for every five youth.

Because some churches are required to come during Safe Sanctuary weeks all churches attending one of these weeks are required to meet the adult to youth ratio.  Be sure to double check that you will have enough adults before signing up.

If you are not able to meet the required guidelines for Safe Sanctuary, we will work with you to try and find a better week for your group.

Official 2019 dates, financial guidelines, and participation requirements will be released in mid-September 2018. Registration will open October 15.