Preparation Materials

Already Signed up? You’re in the right place!  Below you will find guides, dates, deadlines, and info to tell your group.  Below that you will find each guide broken into individual documents you can download and hand out.

*2018 Contact Person Resources (full guide) This guide includes a welcome to contact people, preparation timeline, webinar schedule, vehicle requirements, tool requirements, expectations for participation, the role of adults, packing list, participation forms, and directions to our camps. The only item not included in the guide but is necessary to complete at the time of the Final Payment is the Roster, which is linked below.

Roster – Excel Version
Roster – Adobe Version

*2018 Team Training Resources (full guide) This guide provides a curriculum-style framework for preparing a team to serve with us. This resource will introduce participants to the basics of Mountain T.O.P., the highlights of a camp week, and specific training on both Service Project and Day Camp.

*2019 Preparation Materials will be released in early 2019. 

Mountain T.O.P. Service Project Field Guide

Mountain T.O.P. Songbook

Mountain T.O.P. Operating Procedures


If there is something else you wish was accessible to you online or you would like the individual components to the guides, just let us know. You can email Rachael at