Summer Adults in Ministry Weeks/Weekends

Adult Missions at Mountain T.O.P.


AIM (Adults in Ministry) is a unique mission experience seeking to bring adults (18 and up) from all over the country together with a goal to meet the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of residents of the Cumberland Mountain region. Through this service program, all participants experience spiritual development through various worship style and are encouraged to build relationships with members of the camp community as well as those within the service area.

Our hope is that through meeting all of the needs of the Cumberland Mountain families, the groups will find commonalities with them and thus bridge the cultural gap – we instill the idea of working with people as opposed to for them.

During the summer*, participants spend a week in service through one of four different programs. Each of the three AIM weeks offers a Major Home Repair option as well as one of three Day Camp options: Kaleidoscope, Summer Plus, or Quest. The Major Home Repair program provides an opportunity to improve families’ living conditions while each of the Day Camp programs aims to encourage and empower local youth.

Any of these programs all participants to actively minister and bring hope to a community and people in need. Continue reading to discover which program is right for you!

*There is also a long-weekend opportunity for MHR during the summer and several MHR weekends throughout the month of October.