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DSC09398 Adults In Ministry (AIM)

The AIM program seeks to bring adults (18 and over) from all over the country together to the Cumberland Plateau in Grundy County, Tennessee to meet the great needs of the people here. The Appalachian region is one of the most beautiful areas in the country. It is also one of the most poverty-stricken. Deeply rooted in traditional values and heritage, the people of this area take pride in the fact that they can band together and survive with little when many cannot. That is why when you come to Mountain T.O.P., you work with a family or a child, not for them.

Since its formation in 1989, the AIM program has been growing and changing, continually seeking ways to plant those seeds. Major Home Repair provides visual change to living conditions while Summer Plus, Kaleidoscope, and Quest seek to communicate skills and knowledge to the children and youth of the area that they can carry with them into the future. All of these programs allow you, along with your team of fellow campers, to actively minister and bring hope to people who need it. Each program has its own specific appeal: the only thing that changes will be your tools. Some folks will swing hammers, some will bend pipe cleaners. Some people will bang on drums while others lend a caring ear to a crying child. Look below to discover which program is right for you!

IMG_2400Summer Plus: AIM participants lead 5-day workshops for a class of teenagers from Grundy County. The subject of the workshops can be anything that might not be experienced at home or in school with such diverse topics as Creative Cooking, Karate, Softball, and Drama. AIM participants are also needed as caregivers; people who covenant to be mentors and companions for the teens as they spend the week exploring new interests. More than teaching new skills, the adults bring encouragement and love to the teenagers giving new life perspectives and helping kindle a strong desire to succeed.

Quest: AIM participants facilitate an adventure style camp for teenagers who live in Grundy County. Our goal is to provide an experience where youth are able to explore character building through challenging events such as rock climbing and ropes course elements. Participants act as mentors, guides, and caregivers for the youth by encouraging each other in word and deed. Participation in all of the adventure challenges is not a requirement to be involved with Quest and experience is never a prerequisite for AIM. However, a love of Jesus and a calling to share His love in a unique environment is a must!

Kaleidoscope: Participants come to lead and assist in workshops and act as caregivers to children with special needs on the mountain. Through workshops such as music and movement, dance, painting, sculpture, and 3-D art, these special kids have their horizons broadened and are given the chance to nurture an interest in the arts while in the company of caring adults from all over the country.

IMG_3408Major Home Repair: This program allows MTOP to take on and complete vital structural repairs and renovations of local homes that would not be possible otherwise. These projects are ones that affect the structural integrity, energy efficiency, dryness, and handicap accessibility of a home. This does not mean that you need a shelf devoted to Bob Vila books in your house to be a contributing member of an AIM Ministry Production Team. In fact, you don’t have to have any construction knowledge at all. Each MPT has a Point Person. This person is not necessarily in charge of the project; they are placed in this position because of many attributes they possess including construction and previous AIM experience along with proven leadership skills.


June 24th – 30th // Major Home Repair, Summer Plus, Kaleidoscope

July 8th – 14th // Major Home Repair and Quest

July 26th – July 29th  // Major Home Repair Weekend


SUMMER Prices:

1st-time participant OR

Former staff

Regular price
Week $350 $395
Weekend $185 $225

SUMMER Payment Deadlines:

  Deposit 1st payment per person Remaining balance
Upon registration May 9 May 11
Week $50 $145 $200

$155 – 1sttimer/former staff

Weekend $25 $100 $100

$60 – 1st timer/former staff

  • Please note: If you cancel after May 11th, 2018, you are financially obligated to pay 80% of the balance due.
  • $10 off your camper fee (Weekend) for each NEW AIM camper you recruit up to 5 campers
  • ***Only ONE incentive can be applied per person***