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Spring BreakOut (SBO)
IMG950297From mid-February through mid-April, we offer a week-long program for any church or organization looking for an alternative Spring Break mission experience. Groups arrive in camp on Sunday evening, work two days in-camp and two days out in the community, and depart Friday morning after breakfast.

Spring Breakout is unique with respect to its flexibility and service opportunity. Groups choose their own dates and consult us for availability.




For two days, groups help us by repairing, remodeling, or beginning new projects within the camp in order to help Mountain T.O.P. remain operable year-round. Without the gracious labor and hard work of volunteers, the large amount of facility renovation needed annually would not be accomplished easily.

For the other two days, groups are also engaged within the community through Minor or Major Home Repair projects such as bedroom/bathroom renovation, roof repair, floor replacement, drywalling, painting, or any other expressed need. Projects are planned based on the skill levels of group participants.

photo (3)Additionally, as we seek to connect what we do with why we do it, programming plays a crucial role in a Spring Breakout experience. Groups can choose to conduct their own programming, or have the full-time staff facilitate sharing and worship through bible study, personal reflection and/or singing. We try to be intentional about calling ourselves continuously back to God, who sustains and nourishes our souls in our pursuit of advancing his kingdom on Earth.

Lastly, we offer groups the opportunity to participate in optional activities such as hiking and/or our high and low ropes challenge course. The ropes courses are led by a staff member, and used for groups looking for a fun and interactive team building experience using a series of elements.