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Review the Spring BreakOut Registration packetImportant Note: When registering, only the Contact Person should submit one registration on behalf of the entire group. No need to register all participants individually! You will appear to be charged initially for 1 participant until your camp week and participant number is approved. Once approved, you will be charged/invoiced for the entire deposit amount. 


  • $255: Standard week – groups will participate in 2 days of work out in the community, 2 days in camp
  • $280: All out week – groups will participate in 4 days of work out in the community, 0 days in camp
  • Free: 1 Contact Person


  • Registration will open on October 15, 2018 for the 2019 spring.
  • A deposit per person will be due at the time of registration. We highly suggest collecting these deposits from participants in advance to encourage financial investment in the trip, and avoid drops later in the year.
  • Payments previously paid for dropped spots are forfeited and cannot be applied towards the remainder of a group’s balance. Groups that decrease in size after a payment due date still are responsible for the payments for those dropped spots, and will be charged the full balance incurred as of due date.
  • The financial guidelines have been developed in order to operate responsibly and make decisions as far as staffing, open facilities, food purchasing, etc., in a timely manner. This fee includes all meals, lodging, project materials, programming, and camp staffing.
Registration opens October 15 $25/person –2 in/2 out



$50/person – 4 out

2nd Payment January 15 $115/person
3rd Payment February 15 $115/person

Groups can request to lengthen or shorten their stay if communicated at the time of registration. Adjusting the duration of your trip or participating in the ropes course will affect your pricing. Please contact Rachael ( about customizing your trip.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (931) 692-3999 or email us at