Returning to the Source: An Introduction

Grundy County

If you’ve ever spent a summer at Mountain T.O.P., you already know we serve in seven Appalachian counties across the Cumberland Plateau—but did you know we serve families our home service area all year round? That’s right! Even after Day Camp ends, AIM volunteers go home, and all the green leaves turn to brown, we continue working to meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of our Grundy County neighbors through partnership.

The 40-plus year relationship we’ve built with our home county is one of the most unique things about Mountain T.O.P. as a ministry. Being part of the Grundy County community not only allows our partner families and volunteers to build lasting relationships with one another, but it gives our network of returning volunteers a chance to really fall in love with the place we call home. In addition to enjoying the rushing waterfalls, jaw-dropping valley views, and rich limestone walls that surround us each day, we also get the chance to steep ourselves in the area’s history and culture. We believe it is our deep connection to the people and place we serve that enables us to reach beyond physical needs, and begin the spiritual, social, and emotional growth work with our partners.

Over the next few weeks, we would like to share the fruits of our off-season labor here on our blog and give you a chance to fall even more in love with our home county and the work we do to uplift it. Below you will find some statistics about our home county correlating to our five focus areas (health, housing, community, education, leadership). As you read our upcoming blog posts and prepare to serve with us this summer, we invite you to use this snapshot as a reminder that God’s call does not exist in a vacuum—in fishing for people, we are stewarding His call to serve those in need.

By Audrey Valli