The Advantage


“Not only does God use broken people to do beautiful things, but through His grace, He makes those broken people beautiful as well.”  Summer Staffer, 2016

Those hired for our Summer Staff positions can expect to see significant growth in professional, spiritual and ultimately personal development. All staff members are evaluated by their direct superior after each camp week and continuously coached to ensure their overall development as a staff member and ministry leader. The lists below provide some specific examples of these development areas.

Professional Development

 “I think this summer was a huge period of personal growth for me and taught me to work through tough challenges. I will also take away more confidence, knowing that I can accomplish things that may seem really hard at the time.” Summer Staffer, 2016 

  • Leadership Skills: Staff will lead all sizes of camper groups from small work teams of 7 to full camp communities of 150. These groups are comprised of youth and adults of all ages from all over the country. Staff members practice group leadership skills such as public speaking, patience, delegation, and perception management.
  • Conflict Resolution: Staff members live and work together and manage camp communities of youth and adults – effective conflict management skills are imperative. Staff will earn to effectively interpret situations from multiple viewpoints, consider potential solutions through critical thinking and problem solving, and make viable decisions.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Staff members are in constant communication with each other, community members, and campers. Through this experience, staff learn to connect to and build relationships with people from all different backgrounds. They also determine how to work productively with others through managing relationships and creating an effective work environment.
  • Self-Awareness: Staff will learn to utilize their strengths and manage their weaknesses in a variety of situations. Being in a ministry leadership role allows for continual self-discovery in the areas of emotional control, work/life balance, communication style, time management, and personal limits. Staff will learn to effectively self-evaluate.

 Spiritual Development 

I found that I can be honest with myself and where I am at in my faith. I learned that I do not have all the answers to all the questions, but I can use what I do know to steer people in the right direction and bring them some comfort.” Summer Staffer, 2016 

  • Leadership: Staff will learn to be effective spiritual leaders through practicing ministry leadership. Staff will develop and execute spiritual activities for camp communities including daily devotionals and worships. Staff will gain confidence in their own faith through the study and practice of their spiritual gifts and leading others to do the same.
  • Spiritual Disciplines: Staff will experience and practice daily spiritual disciplines such as Sabbath, prayer, and worship. Staff will discover the importance of a relationship with God, finding their identity in God, and connecting with God through their ongoing growth.

Personal Development

 One thing that I will take away this summer is that all my fellow staffers are so inviting and willing to come to a place that is unfamiliar, meet people who are unfamiliar, and together grow as a family.” Summer Staffer, 2016 

In addition to all of the items listed above, our Summer Staff members report gaining the following skills and rewards that have positively impacted their life even after the staff experience.

  • Confidence in and a better understanding of their own abilities
  • Cross-cultural awareness and appreciation
  • Practical decision-making
  • Effective self, subordinate, and superior evaluation practices
  • Stress management in self and others
  • Lifelong, genuine friendships
  • Opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves


More than anything, I will take away the sheer joy that I receive from loving on these precious children of God that come to the Day Camp program. As always, they have changed me for the better and given me so much love to take with me always.” Summer Staffer, 2016