Day Camp (DC)

Day Camp is a place to spread hope. It is an environment where children come to be loved and challenged in a safe, positive community. Youth and adults spend a week with Grundy County children, 6-11 years old, participating in activities that take them on a journey throughout the county. Participants will have the opportunity to help children learn about the environment, community service, health and local entrepreneurship.

Each day the children and volunteers have a devotional time where they talk about the theme for the day and work in their prayer journals.  In this time volunteers have an opportunity to hear about the children’s faith as well as share their own.

This county’s story is usually told with grim statistics. 70% of all high school students are considered economically disadvantaged and only 7% go on to higher education. 25% of the county lives in what we would consider extreme poverty. Unemployment is typically 40% higher than the current national rate.

Through the unconditional love from volunteers and the variety of experiences they will have in their community, our hope is to teach resilience and to open their eyes to different possibilities and opportunities in their community.

IMG_1077Here are a few basic guidelines to get you started:

  • Vehicle requirement is one 12 passenger (or larger) van for every 7 participants
    You group can do both Service Project and Day Camp during the weeks that both ministries are offered
  • You must have the appropriate number of adults to participate with your youth in Day Camp
  • Drivers will have a van route and pick up children with their Youth Renewal Groups (YRGs)
  • Daily schedules vary between activities such as going to a state park, visiting local businesses, doing crafts at a church, or participating in a service project. Days are planned and managed by Mountain T.O.P. staff. You are asked to be a full participant in the daily activities.
  • Snapshot of a day: leave camp at 9am and pick up children; meet at a set location with other YRGs from your Major Group (MG); have Opening Circle with your MG leader and move to a center with your YRG; have lunch together; spend the afternoon at a state park with a park ranger; go on a hike; load kids into the van and take them home; return to camp by 4:30pm.