Service Project (SP)


Service Project provides a physical representation of hope to Cumberland Mountain families. Participants complete minor home repair projects to improve the safety and sustainability of the homes. These may include porches, wheelchair ramps, painting and yard work – each project resulting from an expressed need. While on the worksite, youth are encouraged to work as a member of a team and problem-solve to accomplish the task at-hand.

Youth are also encouraged to interact with families from different socio-economic backgrounds.  The families we work WITH often have wonderful and inspiring life stories that they love to share with the groups while they are working on the project.  Taking a break to sit and learn about each other is an important part of the SP program.  It is the relationships that are built in those interactions that turns the structure, or the paint, or the yardwork the YRG works on into a symbol of love and compassion for many years.

548567_4222917336442_1897262863_nOn the worksites, Summer Staffers will lead a devotional centered around the theme for the week, with the group and the family.  It is a time to refocus on what God as called them to do that day and why they are doing the work.  Devotionals are usually discussion based and allow youth and adults to begin to relate their daily activities to their calling.